Blueair Azure natural 211+ overview: Can this air cleaner improve quality of air in big spots?

Whether you reside a smoggy urban neighborhood or one which’s susceptible to seasonal wildfires, making sure climate in your house is critical.

A quality air cleanser can cut right back on circulating particles and polluted air, whilst capturing and reducing terrible smells.

The azure natural 211+ Air Purifier by Blueair opportunities itself as a good-looking, well-designed air purifier that eliminates common airborne air-borne pollutants, such as contaminants, smells, smoke, mildew and mold spores, and dust mites. Certainly the large selling points is the capability to take care of open floors programs, highest ceilings, and other big spaces while however are energy-efficient.

But does it carry out and additionally Blueair says it will? We tested the Blue absolute 211+ among allergy-sufferers in a large, carpeted home during an intense wildfire period. Here’s what we receive.

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ setup

This really is a straightforward device, plus the build had been incredibly smooth. Just unbox it, throw-on the outer treatment, put they in, and it’s prepared. Be sure to keep about four ins of clear room on all side regarding the air cleanser as a result it can function precisely.

One thing really worth keeping in mind was exactly how simple and user-friendly the Blue sheer 211+ try. There is no Bluetooth connectivity, no application you have to install – only one huge switch. Push they when for reduced rate, again for method, a 3rd time for high, and a fourth for you personally to change it off. This is the a lot of user-friendly air purifier we’ve located.

Blueair Azure Pure 211+ air purification

Than less expensive, lower-quality home air cleaners, it’s easy to understand why Blueair’s Blue natural 211+ are an upgrade. We’ve got air filters in past times that failed to appear to be they certainly were creating anything, but this product have a noticeable impact on the atmosphere we had been inhaling.


We endured the force from the 2020 West Coast wildfire month utilizing the Blue Pure 211+ in our house, therefore unearthed that it performed an effective work maintaining the interior air breathable. When compared with many years when we didn’t come with environment filtration system to speak of, it actually was great. With this specific product, we thought much better upon awakening and continuous to feel best each day. We unearthed that what’s more, it aided eradicate the chronic cough and headaches that always continue through the flame month.


In a house with outdated, high-pile carpets that gathers dust no matter how typically it really is vacuumed, we found the Blue Pure 211+ are a powerful remedy. After the very first little while of use, the external fabric filter in the Blueair had currently gathered a visible covering of dust. While extreme allergy-sufferers were still sometimes sneezing from dust irritability, it just happened not as usually than ahead of the Blueair got put into the house.


For smells, the Blue Pure 211+ was actually big – it made even large room smell basic. After working it on large for a while, we did determine a slight charcoal scent, but little too rigorous.

Others (mold/mildew)

From what we could determine, the azure sheer 211+ failed to manage a lot if it came to mildew and mold problems. We positioned the machine in a humid place with a high-pile carpeting and a mold complications and went it on method or high 24/7. After a couple of months, we nevertheless woke up with all the traditional shape responses – mainly a scratchy throat, a cough, and a headache.

Blueair Blue Sheer 211+ proportions

One of the first products we seen whenever we looked over the azure natural 211+ was actually the dimensions. At 12 by 12 by 20 in, it really is a huge unit. But those proportions serve a purpose: to filter as much on the environment surrounding you that you can.