Concerned, Melanie questions Terry’s ideas and he demonstrates he do from inside the reality however likes the woman

Terry and you will Melanie spend your time alone together with her and you can Melanie begins to apologize for what in past times occurred between them and you can reveals the lady focus to begin with over. Melanie and you can Terry almost kiss, up to it hear Terry’s friends going back house. Melanie determines it is time to leave to the office her bundle, however, Terry tries to avoid her, watching she can not do this alone. Melanie assurances Terry and you will thanks for him getting caring and you may leaves, however in advance of offering your an easy final hug goodbye. Alarmed to have Melanie’s shelter, Terry chooses to help their, but has the fresh goal a key out-of Bruce. But not, realizing that despite his ideas, Terry knows that he has to choose anywhere between Melanie or Dana, particularly immediately following a chat with Max, hinting the girl awareness of the trouble and you can advises Terry he demands to make a decision.

Since that time, Terry and you can Melanie concluded the dating forever just like the Terry goes on their life since the Batman with his relationship with Dana while you are Melanie functions a reputable lifetime at the a restaurant and you may completely slices connections together with her unlawful family relations

Terry just like the Batman meets up with Melanie and offers his let to help you help save her members of the family regarding Jokerz. Melanie was reluctant to raid the newest Jokerz hide out, knowing he’s very outnumbered and you may alternatively wishes to return to their brand new plan, but Batman declines. In advance of entering, Melanie gets Batman a page for Terry if your bad circumstances circumstance she cannot create away and you may makes him hope he wouldn’t read it. Batman guarantees and he and you will Melanie slip into the hide-out. However, he’s easily located although Batman proceeds next into the hide out, Melanie are scared and you will operates out back once again to the latest Derby, leaving Batman so you can fend to possess himself from the Jokerz. Melanie manages to successfully deprive this new Derby and goes to the latest meeting place to set up the girl family members’ discharge. However, far so you’re able to Melanie’s shock, the lady moms and dads inform you on their own and you may finds out the fresh new “kidnapping” try nothing but a joke, training it was an examination to own Melanie to prove the girl love and you may support on family. Melanie is seriously harm and you may betrayed from the her mothers methods and you may knows they don’t love the girl, seeing whenever they performed they never will have lay the woman due to it area or generated their choose from her or him or Terry.

Shortly after Batman appear and you can a combat initiate anywhere between him and you may the new Royal Clean Gang. But not, not wanting to keep living their existence due to the fact an unlawful and you can immediately after the new experience, Melanie runaways regarding fight and observe regarding tincture just like the their relatives try again detained due to their criminal activities. After and then have an excellent nightout that have Dana, Terry finds the fresh new notice Melanie offered so you’re able to Batman. Yet not, Terry finally helps make their choice, going for Dana more Melanie, trying to continue on with their lifetime and you can sets his previous connection with Melanie previously, wasting the fresh new page versus actually training they.

Terry attempts to reveal to Melanie everything has changed once the history go out they saw one another, seeking to up-date Melanie on their connection with Dana

Batman protected the woman away from certain death and passed their over to the authorities. When you are she was being taken in, Melanie grabbed a peek at Terry who was watching the girl from afar. She seemed undoubtedly remorseful and you can, most importantly of all, embarrassed to be confronted by your. At that world, Wayne appear and you can Terry admits his coach is actually right in his issues about their matchmaking. But not, when Terry asks Wayne in the event the the guy previously experienced this case, Wayne good-naturedly tells his protege on the his relationship with Selina Kyle.

Terry is actually left heartbroken regarding Melanie’s betrayal, however, moved on together with life and you will got back plus Dana. However, Terry and you may Melanie carry out reunite a bit later on when Melanie retuned to Gotham Urban area to save the woman household members who have been kidnapped by the Jokerz. Within her 10 persona, Melanie attempts to deprive the fresh new Derby, a top positions casino poker fits just to become dropped by Batman. Melanie were able to refrain and went along to Terry’s household and reunited which have him. But not, Terry was unhappy to see Melanie again, nevertheless profoundly harm and you may distressed because of the her betrayal from their last come across. Melanie knows Terry’s attitude and you may confesses her feel dissapointed about on her behalf steps, but attempts to reasoning, sharing she kept zero solutions because it try ranging from him otherwise this lady nearest and dearest. But not, Terry refuses Melanie’s reasons, reminding the girl the is often an alternative. Melanie starts to reveal Terry their trouble, revealing this lady family members’ kidnapping of the Jokerz, including the possibility they shall be killed whether your cops get involved. When you’re unwilling Terry believes Melanie and in case Dana calls, leftover from an earlier set up date, Terry reasons himself and you can requests an effective raincheck. Finish the decision, Terry and you can Melanie share a passionate personal hug, discussing you to definitely Terry trusts Melanie and that even with his relationship with Dana and also the occurrences of history, an integral part of Terry nevertheless wants Melanie.